climbing holds Odyssey M 5 pcs.


Climbing wall brackets allow you to create your own climbing space at home. The stones are made in the shape of cups, deep and comfortable for a small child’s hand. A climbing wall in a room or garden allows you to improve the skills of your body, improve physical fitness, endurance, coordination of movements and muscle strength. Climbing stones are available in a variety of colours and shapes. That’s why you can easily adapt your climbing grips to your needs. Uncomplicated climbing stones have holes for fixing to the supplied screws. Climbing grips are resistant to changing weather conditions and can be used outdoors.

Climbing holds are available in a variety of colours

In a natural environment, ordinary stones will be used for mountain climbing. And on the home climbing walls, special climbing tricks of various shapes and dimensions are used as imitations of these natural minerals. These details are also the most important part of large professional climbing halls as well as home playgrounds. Climbing grips are sports equipment, suitable for professionals as well as for those who are just beginning to explore the fascinating world of climbing.

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