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We bought this model for sons, it works perfectly. The robust and solid ladder is great for kids who have too much energy. It gives them a lot of opportunities for both exercise and children’s fun. I highly recommend!

Anna / Ceneo

They recommended this model due to the lack of possibilities for the expansion ladder. But the choice turned out to be perfect, the ladder could be further extended, which is a great advantage for me, because we have high ceilings. High-quality equipment, and your daughter is happy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Olga / Facebook

Very nice and professional service. The contact with the shop is very good, I have been receiving information about the shipment. And the shipment was really express. I am very pleased and highly recommend the shop.

Anna / Ceneo

A wonderful invention. . . I recommend it with all my heart!!! Kids are happy, smiling. Good quality and safe equipment! Worth the price and attention!

Magdalena / Facebook

I strongly recommend it. Professional service, fast delivery, excellent equipment. We got more than we expected and the kids are having a lot of fun. Thank you. ):):)

Łukasz / Facebook

411 / 1024 Nice, express and professional customer service. Individual approach to the buyer. Mrs. Alina has tried very hard to arrange a fast and cheap delivery abroad Pl, even for an oversized package. I am mega satisfied both with the quality of service, the price of transport, the speed of order processing and the product itself. I am happy to recommend the MONKEY-GYM store 🙂

Izabela / Ceneo


It’s not easy to get a few years old who treats his house like a playground. Jumping on the bed, getting on the table, jumping from the windowsill to the floor – sounds familiar? In spite of the extra sports after school, in spite of the daily going out to the playground and the frequent WF lessons, my daughter never lacks energy.

How to find time for oneself, how to tame the child and occupy it with something for longer, how to play at home when he or she is splashing outside, how to make the child less tedious and sleep better at night? There can only be one answer to these questions. Build him a home playground.

In order to encourage children to exercise, we can create a functional sports corner at home. The product that is ideal for doing exercises at home is the gymnastic ladders. Their greatest advantage is their versatility.

I guess we all remember the corrective gymnastics classes we have in our schools. Today, unfortunately, they rarely look different. Soul gym, groups of a dozen or even several dozen people, each with a different posture defect, requiring different exercises, different approach, but due to lack of time forced to do what everyone else does.

Polish children are getting fatter the fastest in Europe. As recently as 30-40 years ago, less than 10 per cent of pupils were overweight, and now the Food and Nutrition Institute has published a report which shows that as many as 22 per cent of primary and secondary school pupils suffer from overweight and obesity. How to protect your child from overweight?

Nowadays, moments spent on communing with nature give great joy, not only to adults, but mainly to children. Relax, have fun with your family, have a lot of fun. The garden is such a place. The garden adds energy, provides freedom and can offer many opportunities to use it.

A defect in posture, tanning, is unfortunately one of the most common problems of children and young people today. There can be many reasons for the curvature of the spine, so we shouldn’t ignore even the smallest of its symptoms. The consequences of negligence can be very unpleasant and persistent.

Christmas is coming soon, that’s why this year’s unique contest from MONKEY-GYM  for all the subscribers of our newly-baked Newsletter! Give your child and yourself a special Christmas gift! Results already 18 December 2019

Why do children move less? Above all, it is necessary to realize that the lifestyle to which we are increasingly accustomed has a bad impact on our health. We are talking about both children and adults, because almost all of us spend too much time sitting – and usually in a position that is not optimal for us.

Nowadays it is very important that we move, exercise and change our lifestyle to a much healthier one. We are getting fatter every year. As parents, we have to remember not to accept the whimsicality of our kids, which is to give up on the gym classes at school.

No one needs to be convinced that movement and play play play play a key role in the child’s development. Of course, the best thing to do is to go outdoors – there is nothing better than fresh air and contact with nature. But what to do if the weather is not good/no time/home is stopped by smog?

Third birthday is a serious matter. A child of this age has small desires and expects them to be fulfilled. A misguided gift can cause childish despair, so it is worth betting on proven ideas. Here are the best proposals for a hit gift for a three-year-old.

Movement is one of the manifestations of life that has accompanied man since the day he was born – it is he who forms his whole organism and all its functions. Physical activity is particularly important in the case of children, all because it is one of these factors that stimulates their proper development.

I discovered the company MONKEY-GYM l while looking for original ideas for the eldest daughter’s room. They have gymnastic ladders. It turned out that the ladders, which I used to associate with boring wooden buildings in the correctional rooms, could be modernized, robbed, created as if anew.

Many of us would dream of a magnifying pump Ambrose Kleks. It would be wonderful to enlarge the small apartment and accommodate the whole family comfortably! A successful metamorphosis can work the same miracles, though without using magic.

Children have endless energy deposits. As soon as they open their eyes, there is a world full of mysteries to be discovered. Every parent knows how important it is to develop the imagination of the youngest and let them explore the world. Children learn very well on the move. In this way, they quickly assimilate knowledge and consume excess energy.

Living in a detached house with a garden we can prepare for our child much more attractions than living in the city centre in a small apartment in a block of flats. We are limited only by our imagination and the funds we can allocate to various types of attractions.

The sun, movement and oxygenation are very good for our children. So it’s certainly worth making sure that there are as many of these outdoor games as possible. Finally, it is thanks to them that you can take care of the proper development of their systems: motor, respiratory, nervous and circulatory.

If you cannot go to the gym or to any other sporting activities (e. g. If you are a student of a fitness centre (e. g. a fitness centre), it is worth considering purchasing equipment that will enable you to continue your existing exercise sets at home. In addition to this, it will also be easy to encourage others to live an active lifestyle.

Gymnastic equipment is a product that allows you to exercise both at home and in specially adapted places. Many of them are suitable for professional training, others are used for amateur exercises or rehabilitation therapy.

Does your child spend all day long staring at the phone, TV or computer screens? Don’t you know how to encourage the consolation to exercise on rainy, cold days? We know how you can plan your child a few hours of physical activity a day. Gymnastics at home is the best form of movement at this time of year!

Modern children suffer from a serious illness: chronic lack of fresh air. Strengthening immunity in the youngest is therefore difficult, but still possible. The solution is a garden playground or a garden gym. Here’s a recipe for building your child’s immunity in your own garden!

My children, like all children, are very energetic and this energy seems to have no end. In addition, they cannot be denied creativity and ingenuity in discovering new ideas for fun and challenges every day.

A lot of toys and help have passed through my hands. As you know, I’m still keeping my hand on the pulse when it comes to the news that are coming on the market. They say I have an eye and I know what’s going to be a hit and what’s going to be on the shelves and collecting dust. And so it was this time. . .