expandable pole with horizontal bar


The expandable pole with horizontal bar can be mounted in one line or at an angle to the swedish ladder, which allows you to create a confoguration according to your own taste. On the expandable pole for wall bars we can hang additional elements such as: kids swing, rope ladder, climbing net. Each of these elements comes with a metal mount that prevents the element from slipping and makes it easier to mount it on the set or on the pull up bar. An expandable pole with horizontal bar attached to the swedish ladder is a great variety that will introduce opportunities for a wider range of exercises and fun at a home wall bars.

As well as the gymnastic ladder, the expandable pole with horizontal bar allows installation without any damage to the walls. The pull up bar between the wall bars and the expandable pole, 100 cm long, allows you to hang a variety of additional exercise accessories for acrobatic exercises on the pull up bar. Mounting system between floor and ceiling allow you to save space in the room thanks to the possibility of any positioning. The expandable pole will be mounted at any angle to the gym ladder.

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