pull up bar + dip bars 2in1


Pull-up bar and dip bars in one device are comfort and functionality sports equipment for home gym. The chin up bar can be hung on any metal or wooden wall bars and transformed into dip bars in one move. The universal pull up bar will be suitable for any metal and wooden swedish ladder from our offer. Thanks to the height adjustment of the chin up bar, it will be used by both an adult and a child. With time, your teenager will like exercises that we can do for training abdominal muscles. Now it is worth taking care of this part of the child’s body, because during test exercises in gyms, the abdominal muscles of children unexpectedly are very weak. We can also add a boxing bag and training band to our own home gym, which we will create using, for example, the Next Basic gym ladder and the 2-in-1 pull up bar. Convenient form of hooks allows you to quickly transform the chin up bar into dip bars.

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