inclined training bench Kraft


Kraft training bench is complement to fitness station Kraft System 3 in 1. Bench has comfortable leatherette seat with dimensions 140 x 40 cm filled by polyurethane foam. By dint of soft ankle pads fixed on any height footrest, bench can be free standing and used to do sit ups. Bench slope angle is adjustable from 20 to 35 degrees by adjustable low part of footrest. Metal construction of gym bench is adapted to workout on gymnastic wall bar, possible to hook against specially prepared fourth, adjustable fitness station Kraft System rung. The training bench attached to the wall bar in combination with the bar turned as barbell rack, allow to perform barbell exercises comfortably. Sitting on a bench by the ladder, you can also perform exercises with the high cable pulley. After training, bench can be suspended on gymnastic ladder in order to save the space.

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