nest swing 120 cm


The garden swing is one of the toys that will be fun for children and adults alike. If you have free space in your garden, it is best to mount a garden swing on it. The swinging stork’s nest, round shape, is a hit of recent years. This unusual model of garden swing can be used by even several children at once. Sometimes even parents can rest while lying on a swing. The swing construction is quite simple and robust.

The stork nest is made of polystyrene, a material that is resistant to weather conditions and UV rays. Swinging stork nest for children is designed for use outside and inside the space. The children’s swing is adjustable in length from 146 to 176 cm. The seat frame is made of a strong profile. It is also powder coated, which protects it from corrosion. The stork’s swing socket for the home playground is CE certified.

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