deckchair swing Grandoh


The deckchair swing easily converts from a garden swing for children into a hammock swing with headrest for one person up to 100 kg. Perfect for all ages, it’s irreplaceable if you want to find a moment for relax or comfortable reading the book. The unique, ergonomic design allows the swing lounger to fit into any garden or playground, and the easy suspension system allows for quick installation.

160 cm long swing has two comfortable, removable seats at the ends, or can be quickly transformed into a hammock for one person with a headrest at the end. The construction is made of 3 cm diameter rubber profile, which at the same time serves as a pleasant to touch handle while swinging. Swing is made of technical, weatherproof fabric. This material is ideal for covers, tarpaulins as well as bags ang backpacks. The metal buckle allows to adjust the height of the swing suspension.

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